The mission of tutormotion.com is to provide children who are experiencing academic challenges with the tools to master their current academic curriculum in a safe online platform.

tutormotion.com understands that an integral part of  this equation is obviously the need for qualified tutors who can not only educate students in their specific subjects but who can also inspire our children to strive for excellence

We also believe that experience isn’t everything and there are many individuals capable of being excellent tutors without previous teaching experience.   In the spirit of giving everyone a fair shot,  tutormotion.com embraces all interested tutors who pass our proficiency exams for the subjects they will be teaching.

As such we closely monitor all of our new tutors for their first 90 days to ensure they are providing our students with the knowledge they require at an affordable rate.  Please take a few extra minutes after each of your lessons to review your tutor.  Your reviews are valuable and provide tutormotion.com with the information that we need to maintain a high quality tutoring staff.


tutormotion.com was created to help students develop a mastery of their current curriculums in order that they build a strong foundation from which to grow not only good study habits but also a sense of accountability. 

Tutormotion.com cannot stress enough the importance and value of education to our youth.  Education is the grand equalizer of modern day America.  Each of our children who do well in school and understand the value of education have the opportunity and ability to make their dreams come true.   

Do not take for granted the amazing possibilities available to you as a result of doing well in school.  Take advantage of the tools being offered to stay on top of your class work.  

Remember, the difficulty level of the subject matter is only going to increase, and most often as you advance in your education you will continuously need to draw upon the previous knowledge gained at school.  So it is only to your advantage to master the subject matter your learning today because you will need that knowledge tomorrow