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Web design: Whether your looking for a simple yet visually compelling site, or a complex design, requiring login and password, alfalfa grass is your one stop shop.  We understand how innovation and  savvy design sets your business apart from the competition.

We believe every component of your online persona should illuminate your strengths starting with the layout and design of your site.  Are you ready to take the next step, blow away your competition and connect with your audience at a level that inspires customer loyalty?

At alfalfa grass we continually strive to exceed expectations and deliver the best industry websites to our clients.

Logo Design: You’ve spent a grip of money on securing your New Mexico dispensary credentials, give your business the quality and professionalism it deserves with our professional logo design and full service graphic arts department. 

Not only are our artists masters of their craft, but they are also bright and excellent communicators, creating the perfect art for your company  

Brand design: Your brand should both illuminate your corporate beliefs as well as provide a consistent and memorable visual for your target audience.  From color palettes to font selection to image choice, all of your visual components should work together to seamlessly and genuinely portray your company in a consistent and polished manner 

menu design

dual views

Although completely customizable, our menus always feature dual views. A genral list detailing item, amount and price as well as a more in depth product description is available

every dispensary should have a real time & accurate Menu

A standard among dispensaries in any State is a real time menu that directories like weedmaps can access. Currently most menus are capable of communicating with your POS, making menu updates an automatic update based on your store’s POS system.

Alfalfa Grass offers full menu design services that are compatible with both your POS as well as outside industry directories. Providing your patients with accuracy

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Alfalfa Grass makes critical site changes for its clients

the e-commerce solution

Due to the onslaught of the Coronavirus, 2020 saw many brick and mortar retail businesses having to change business models to stay viable

To protect employees as well as the public, dispensaries had to adapt in 2020. In doing so a move from traditional brick and mortar retail to a safer business model was seen throughout the the US market. An emphasis on curbside pickup as well as delivery of medical marijuana was instituted across the country in an effort to help slow the spread of the virus.

This shift from in person retail toward curbside pick up required dispensaries to become 100% operational online, so that patients could order their medication, pay for it securely, and communicate with the dispensary safely.

Alfalfa Grass not only understands the critical need for dispensaries to adapt during this unprecedented pandemic but is also available to transition your dispensary to an online platform quickly and seamlessly.


site copy

All too often business owners don’t put enough importance on the actual words that users read when they check out your site.  Writing is an art form unto itself, and your site copy should not be rushed or haphazardly thrown together.

With online ventures it is ultimately your words, your message to your audience that persuades them to engage and converts users into clients.

The single best place for compelling and relevant copy is on your site pages.  What benefits and features do you offer your customers that your competition does not.  Who is your target audience, and is your website composed in such a way that it calls to your audience?

Are there specific pain points that you address  to make the lives of your clients easier and more secure?  The written word is a powerful tool and oftentimes the main component that elevates your business above the competition

Blog Posts

From conception to implementation to optimization, Alfalfa Grass will successfully launch your business blog while giving your company a voice.  Remember to ask yourself: what does my audience hunger for the most? Is there information and education that you can provide your audience, making your company stand out and establishing your business as the industry authority? From growing plants, to harvesting, to understanding cannabis legislation,  to providing descriptions of different product types, what information can you provide your clients that is a cut above the competition’s content?

Local SEO

Ever wonder what it would be like if your business came up first on a google search engine result page for “Albuquerque dispensary?”  You would experience an increase in business greater than you would see if you ran a prime time ad on a major tv network.  And the mind blowing concept behind it all is Google Search results are completely free.

Alfalfa grass understands and has extensive experience with search engine optimization, and we would be more than happy to optimize your site so that your business achieves optimum placement in a Google search result.  

Furthermore, alfalfa grass also has knowledge of the different criteria required for increasing  your local SEO.  Because your audience is restricted to marijuana patients within the state of New Mexico, maximizing your local SEO will benefit your business far more than standard SEO.

price guide

specific services depending on technical difficulty, timeline, and customization may cost more and will be reviewed and priced on a case by case basis

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standard 5 page site
logo design
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site content
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menu design
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