Am I the only person that kinda freaks out over how flammable standard wax is? If I needed to light an abusive spouse on fire a la the Burning Bed, or if I wanted my jerry curl to ignite like Michael Jackson’s during his Pepsi commercial combustion, I would just use a little dollop of cannabis concentrate and instant fire.

Concentrates are made with solvents

Typically the wax you purchase from your local dispensary is made by running a solvent such as propane or butane through cannabis flowers. This technique extracts the THC oil from the rest of the flowers with the help of a solvent.  Although this method is perhaps the most optimized way for concentrates to be manufactured in terms of automation and large quantity production, making your own wax, typically called rosin, is healthier and safer because you are not about to burst into flames and are not having to vape and ingest residual solvents from the dab

Tools needed:

heat press machine

wax paper

ice pick


Place the ice pick into some ice, submerging the pick into the ice to chill.

Next place a bud between two pieces of wax paper and place it on the press.

Engage the heat press, as the press flattens the bud into a dry weed wafer, oil is pressed out and left on the wax paper

With the chilled ice pick go over the surface of the wax paper, gather the wax with the pick.

Repeat this procedure several times until you have enough rosin for a stash

It really is that easy to make your own rosin. Have fun, and always remember to share knowledge.


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