Online Marketing in 2020; A Beginner’s Guide

In order to take your online business to the level of your in-person business you need to have it become known as an online entity.  Although effectively marketing one’s company is the solution to launching a fully functioning online division, the concepts, techniques, and applications are very different from traditional marketing.

In order to effectively promote and launch your online business division a detailed, specific , and comprehensive marketing program needs to be created and implemented.

For some this next explanation may be repetitive and elementary, yet the fact remains that 40% of small businesses do not have a website.  Just so everyone is perfectly clear and has an understanding for the basics, I offer the following abbreviated history:  

The early years of the internet were somewhat of a free for all with businesses usually having a website that overtly displayed product and service ads. As time progressed the internet experienced a time of great popularity and growth.  During this expansion Google and their expansive search engine surfaced as the most common way in which users navigated the web.  

Today over 90% of all internet transactions begin with a Google search.  In 2019 Google earned over $350 million dollars per day with their Google Adwords campaign and was valued as the largest web based company in the world at over $510 billion US dollars.  As such it is not surprising that Google has the resources and influence to establish a set of standards and best practices for conducting business online.  

With a fair mindset and innovative outlook Google transformed the internet from what it was, a collection of advertisements for businesses with no real valuable information, into a social and professional mecca for individuals and businesses alike.  Now every business that has an online presence is expected to have a voice, and with this voice, online businesses speak to the needs of their target audience.  Through this creation of relevant content, the internet went from a dry desolate experience into a plush blossoming culture of knowledge.  Now if a consumer has a question about anything specific its revelation is only a Google search away.  

Online marketing not only considers the history of the internet and Google’s influence but also incorporates paid advertising and email marketing into the big picture.  And of course with a vast majority of consumers spending 80% or more of their online experience on social media, online marketing has gone directly to its audience’s favorite hangout set up shop and made life easier and very convenient for its customers.

Although online marketing is important it pales in comparison to the keeping it real situation where I live. Our local economy has been devastated.  Over 50% of the in-person businesses that were required to close as a health and safety mandate for the Coronavirus shutdown will not be reopening in my home city.  As we begin to take a look at common characteristics of successful businesses forced to close in-person services one thing is clear.  The biggest and brightest reason these businesses are waring the storm is they all are completely operational online. Despite online operations being less charming than in-person operations, 2020 has shown the world that a business’ ability to operate in the digital realm is critical and life-giving.  In a time of unprecedented global pandemic  a business’ online abilities become a sterile non threatening medium in which to conduct business and protect workers.

And for Cities like Albuquerque with a large number of family owned businesses, a ton of independently owned restaurants and bars, many business owners learned first hand that their company’s online presence has to be more than a Facebook business account if they want to succeed.  Without question every small business should have its own website, designed and tailored to the needs of its target audience.

Over the next few months as parts of the country begin to open for business as usual, and business leaders analyse the unprecedented year of 2020, planning on how to grow and position their company to withstand the everchanging supremely powerful entity planet earth. Not only does our planet provide humanity with life, but it also has the ability to correct any man made situation in an instant.  We are all insignificant specs of dust compared to the awe inspiring, population thinning abilities of the earth.

In the months to come a high priority for every smart small business will be to strengthen its online presence and maintain a standard of online technologies, updated and not out-of-dated.  And for those businesses that survived despite being caught off guard, the necessity for a series of potential plans put into place like transitioning smoothly from an in-office business model to a work from home model will become priorities for many companies.I am looking forward to helping other small businesses develop and grow an online presence.   Strengthening and fortifying their foundations is a way for me to have victory over this coronavirus and horror show shutdown.  

Living in a City like Albuquerque where business used to thrive in the physical realm, I am struggling mentally to try to see the good blossoming out of all this devastation  Until recently many local businesses didn’t give online business operations much value. It’s surreal how the world as I know it can change in a blink of an eye.  Knowledge is power, and A beginners Guide is a great place to start.  

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