Alfalfa Grass

Alfalfa grass provides new mexico cannabis industry with functional high quality websites.

our mission:  to provide unique, innovative and functional websites for the cannabis industry that highlight patient care and the healing properties of marrijuana

our vision: to provide best in class web design and developmental services in a manner that exceeds client expectations in service, quality and value.

our objectives:

To develop a start up design studio. That will grow to profitability in year two

To develop a high quality, comprehensive industry portfolio

To create a company who’s primary goal is to provide exceptional service far exceeding client expectations

company summary:

Alfalfa grass is a one stop shop for New Mexico Cannabis businesses’ online presence.  We strive to improve our customer’s quality of business in a positive manner.  We promote simple , functional designs that we provide our clients with at an affordable rate.

We strive to have a profound impact in improving the overall digital quality of our local industry

Our Services


  • Ecommerce solution to facilitate the recent business model adjustments made in response to the virus’ impact on modern cannabis business; from in person retail to curbside pickup & delivery while restricting in person services
  • Website design
  • Menu design
  • Logo design
  • Brand design


  • On page content that is high quality, relevant, and tailored for your specific audience
  • Blog content creation and implementation


  • Local seo

The current industry:

Despite being caught in a global pandemic, medical marijuana sales have nearly doubled since coronavirus began in March.  This increase in demand has resulted in supply shortages, specifically dispensaries now have 12 days of stock in reserves, and should have 90 days of product on shelf.

Adjust business model

Industry wide dispensaries have moved from an in person retail model, to a model promoting curbside pickup and delivery 


Legalization of recreational use marijuana 

New Mexico is in line to move to the next phase of legalization and should happen in either 2022 or 2023

Recreational use legalization would give birth to a new industry, providing new jobs and excellent revenue to our post covid struggling economy.

Colorado is currently averaging $200 million a month in cannabis sales, and the state is making 40 m a month in revenue.  Thats 2.4 billion a year industry with the government making $480 million.

Dispensary Essentials

Dispensary requirements – pos & website

POS seed to sale 

         Menu: digital real time and accurate

         In store HD tv menu  displays

Indica online, cova, 17 marijuana freeway, greenbits, biotech thc, 

A dispensaries online accurate menu should be a part of the pos system because they must stay connected.

Because alfalfa grass offers a menu design service , essentially we would always work with the clients pos system to facilitate Can alfalfagrass do like an online pos system as web pages and provide dispensaries with that solution to provide pos?

Finally last digital component is the dispensary web site, e commerced so patients can purchase online


Column 1

Column 2

The power of partnering with a local Doctor

Currently seven clover offers this feature. If someone is interested in getting their medical card he can email the doctor . The doctor returns the email, schedules an appointment. The patient pays the compassionate cost fees and is issued a card. This is a great feature. it draws new clients in to your dispensary directly, as well as fulfills a real need to actually get into the programm. Paired with a free gram of flower for new patients, this could be a great customer driving force, especially since noone else really offers it.


Due to coronavirus, dispensaries across the nation

had to quickly adapt to the pandemic and shift

the business model from in person sales to

curbside pickup

Delivery Service

As New Mexico allows for the delivery of marijuana,

it is highly recommended that the local industry embrace

a business model that incorporates safe non contact delivery


The last prisoner project

Imagine spending years in jail for something that is now legal

Even worse imagine being currently incarcerated with all of your assets seized for something that is not only legal but also people are amassing generational wealth while you have nothing no freedom and a black mark on your record that will forever prevent you from obtaining a good job.

Because it is wrong, unethical and just grimy to be someone reaping the benefits of legalization where people before you were arrested for the same actions. As marijuana legalization starts to take off, it is the ethical duty and responsibility of those generating wealth from the industry to make sure that justice is served and these marijuana offenders are not forgotten.

Questions for Damon

in addition to list building and driving traffic to alfalfagrass, i’ve prepared a post on local seo that i want to try and guest publish for a leading industry publication. suggestions?

none of the dispensaries that i checked out had ecommerce platforms installed so that patients can purchase products online for curbside pickup. I guess everyone calls in the order and has their credit card ran when they arrive which totally defeats the purpose. how hard would it be to install ecommerce solutions into existing websites? every single dispensary in town would probABLY GO FOR IT.

Could alfalfa grass partner with a local doctor and provide the initial service of obtaining a card by being the middle man between doctor and patient? i think it would be a great way to make ourselves known in the industry.

how far are we from launching do you think?

oh every dispensary in town has a horrible, unbelievably awful blog. The posts are either links to real blog posts of someone elses blog articles, or the posts are a collection of instagrm ads and monthly specials.

initially i want to approach the local market with blog solutions and ecommerce solutions – i think we could get some work cause dispensary owners are rich, and with a biden administration, those dispensaries currently up and running have a real good position to groww exponentially with upcoming state and federal legalization

also i believe it is the ethical duty of the industry especially at this phase in the game to be advocates for pardoning previous offenders and making sure noone falls through the cracks and people get the rehabilitation they need to get back into society – so i totally support the “last prisoner project”

Johnny to do list

  1. email drip campaign
  2. make sure list building mailchimp is set up
  3. email sales campaign – blog content
  4. email sales campaign to install an ecommerce platform into dispensaries existing site to really professionally handle curbside pickup and deliveries
  5. business plan with full financials
  6. publish blog posts consistantly
  7. prepare traffic driving campaign using facebook groups, linked in, and pinterest
  8. obtain medical marijuana card so we can start pitching this stuff