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Join us in La Paz, Mexico

June 16, 2022 – June 24, 2022


Both mobula rays and sea lions attract orcas to the Sea of Cortez

Every year from May to July mobula rays gather by the tens of thousands in the southern sea of Cortez along the coast of baja Mexico between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

Additionally there is a sea lion colony on the island off the coast of la paz. 

During this time of year the resident orcas which travel from Costa Rica to Baja Mexico, can be found between Cabo Pulmo and Los Islotes, enjoying both delicious mobula rays and savory sea lion pups.

Nautilus Adventures offers an 8 day excursion that gets tourists in the water with mobula rays and usually wild orcas.  Nautilus uses an airplane to scout the entire area, finding the largest schools of mobula rays in the area. 

Rather than join the excursion, the better option is to rent a private 45 foot catamaran that sleeps up to 12 people. On board our private yacht we can follow the Nautilus Gallant Lady at a distance, getting in the water when they do. Not only would we have a private yacht with 80 °F ocean temperatures, we could vacation longer than a week. The catamaran is rented for 30 days. Why only spend a week with friends and family. In La Paz we could hang out for a month


Although you will be getting in the water with hungry orcas, an orca has never attacked a human being in the wild.

Killer whales only attack people in captivity. In all the incidents the killer whales never ate their trainer or even broke their skin. They held the trainers underwater, firmly with their teeth, drowning the people.

Orcas have the largest brain to body size ratio of any mammal on the planet. They are smarter than humans

 Orcas have culture. They are bilingual they live in a highly advanced social structure, where first priority is family. Orcas understand the relation of the moon to high and low tides, orcas know humans are the dominant land species.

A hungry orca attacking a human would be like a hungry human attacking and eating the neighbor’s chihuahua.   Not happening


We will be renting a 45 foot catamaran (the Bali 4.3-4+2 catamaran)
The boat is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping cabins. The boat sleeps 10.

We will be renting the boat from Dream Yacht Charter; Costa Baja Marina La Paz, Mexico

June 16, 2022 – July 6, 2022



La Paz Mexico features a wal mart supercenter for all of our american needs.

breakfast – daily will be coffee, cereal, pastries and fresh fruit

lunch – daily will vary. tacos, fish that we catch, salami and cheese sandwiches, nachos, bacon and eggs,

Dinner – we will eat in mexican restaurants along the coast from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas 4 of the 7 nights. The other three nights we will have barbecues on the catamaran featuring mexican favorites as well as available seafood

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If you google the phrase swim with wild orca, all of the results except  one or two are about snorkeling with orca in the fjords of Norway. 

Every year from November to January the herring spawn in great numbers in Norway. The Atlantic killer whales have a festival around this event that draws over 1500 orcas to the fjords. Sounds super fun, however further research illuminates the following:

The temperature of the ocean is right at freezing about 33 ° F and the temperature outside the water will range from -20° F to 25°F.

IN OTHER WORDS ITS FREEZING!  Although perhaps a breathtaking experience, I do not see myself jumping into ice cold water and jumping out of the water to wintry Norway cold.

Expensive – a one week Expedition including airfare costs $7,000

Awkward vacation housing: Living, sleeping and eating with a Norwegian boat crew seems awkward at best. 

LaPaz offers a warmer, cheaper, funner experience.

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Day 0 – June 15,2022

Johnny +1 arrive in La paz Mexico

Taxi to costa baja marina

Rent catamaran

June 16, 2022 – july 6, 2022

Taxi to walmart – purchase food for trip

Day 1 –   June 16, 2022       

Kim and friends arrive La Paz 1 46 pm

Taxi to Costa baja marina

3 30 pm dive club for snorkeling equipment & underwater photography workshop

730 pm depart for Cabo Pulmo (5 hour trip)

Dinner and dance aboard the catamaran

8 00   pm cocktails

9 00   pm dinner

10 00 pm catamaran nightclub w/ dj maru

Day 2 – 6.      Follow the Nautilus excursion around the sea of Cortez, seizing opportunities of fun snorkeling adventures; snorkeling with mobula rays, sea lions & orcas

note: nautilus diving adventures will be conducting their mobula ray expedition on the nautilus gallant lady.  The tour company utilizes airplane support for finding the large schools of mobula rays / orcas. Basically we will follow at a distance and when they go in water we go in water. Because nautilus will be with the largest schools of rays we will mimic their activities out of the privacy and comfort of our own yacht

The orca will be in the general area of Las isolates and cabo pulmo

Day 7 cabo pulmo wildlife reserve snorkel 

Day 8 – boat returns early to La Paz, Mexico; travel home

If we encounter orcas at the beginning of the week we have the freedom to alter our itinerary mid week.  The Sea of Cortez is full of incredible snorkeling locations with restaurants and nightclubs on the beaces in Cabo San lucas, Cabo Pulmo and La Paz


One of the best features of this excursion is the great value La Paz has to offer


$375 roundtrip SJC to LA PAZ

departs SJC 620 am arriving LAP at 1 46 pm

Food & Entertainment

$500 per person

does not include money for shopping or other activities

Housing & Transportation

$1,020 Catamaran rental (5 guest) $510 catamaran rental (10 guests)

$5100 total rental amount / total guests


$1,895 with 5 people

$1,385 with 10 people