Johnny Maruffi

freelance writer

specializing in website copy & blog posts

I write quality, SEO optimized, content for businesses looking to develop a strong online presence.

Are you looking to:

increase sales?

drive traffic?

establish your business as an industry authority?

Critical to the success of any major business goal in the digital age is content creation.

In order for a business to be successful and maximize its online potential, creating relevant and compelling content that resonates with your audience is essential.

Audiences have several choices. Knowing your audience better than and connecting with them superior to the competition is how you break ahead of everyone else and get noticed.


A skilled craftsman, I provide high quality content, meeting

deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Specializing in:

website copy

SEO content creation

blog posts


white papers

In addition to providing top notch well written content for my clients, I bring with me a variety of professional skills that not only deliver a comprehensive writing solution but also build a solid foundation for life-long professional relationships.

Service excellence

Many of my clients meet me after encountering a negative experience with a previous freelancer and are relieved at my level of professionalism.  I am punctual, polite, easy to talk to and meet deadlines with a superior product.

Goal Setting

 Once under contract my first priority is to sit down with the appropriate management and develop a clear set of goals.  Not only does this collaboration get both parties on the same page but it also provides initial direction for my content.  What is the purpose of generating content?  Some common goals for content creation include the following:  increase sales, lead generation, increase brand awareness, drive traffic.

Research Skills

 It doesn’t matter how talented a writer is if he doesnt possess the basic knowledge to contribute in a meaningful way. Exceptional research abilities are the driving force behind a successful writer’s content.

Company Knowledge

Develop a working knowledge of client’s company, product / services, and industry.

Audience knowledge

Every skilled content writer understands the importance of knowing his client’s target audience. All online content should be written for its audience. What are the audience’s biggest pain points? What is the client’s value proposition? Ensure that content emphasizes why the client is the best solution.

ensure client’s content resonates with audience better than the competition.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Competition 

Who are client’s biggest competitors? What companies are on Googles first page search result?  What is competition doing well? How could competition improve? 

Only after a deep understanding of the audience and their issues, as well as a thorough knowledge of the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, can a content writer blossom. 

Technical Skills

Analytics play a huge role in all internet driven business and technology, one of the great beauties of operating a successful online business is the layers of analytics that can be pulled and analysed.  As a content writer, it is imperative to favorably reveal your client to both the target audience and the general public.  Understanding how potential customers travel to get to client’s site is essential in order to light their way

Digital marketing

Content strategies are a major component of digital marketing.  Understanding and utilizing the other components of online marketing gives a skilled writer the possibility of combining content with other marketing techniques to get the client seen by as many users as possible


search engine optimization – user intent, keyword research, incorporating keywords into content in a smooth natural way 

Email marketing

Grow and curate a list of subscribers. The number one way people like to be marketed to is via email. Experts continue to assert that email marketing when done correctly produces a $38 to $1 ROI return on investment, the best return of any digital endeavor.

List building techniques: create opt-in gifts that your audience has to have, while using facebook groups and pinterest to drive traffic. 

Social media marketing

Most businesses typically generate traffic and potential new clients from one of two sources: social media platforms like facebook or via an internet search engine like Google.  If the audience is coming to client’s site via facebook a  strong social media presence with regular publishings that engage your audience is very helpful in generating organic traffic from your target audience.


I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Santa Clara University. I have worked many different jobs in various industries over the past 20 years .  From managing homeowners associations to underwriting mortgage loans, I have gained a wealth of professional experience. 

It is my education, however, that has provided me with the necessary tools required for success. I am detail oriented and work well under pressure.  Perhaps most importantly i am an excellent listener and have the ability to work independently, providing my clients with excellent results that surpass expectations.

In addition to providing relevant quality copy, one of my unique strengths lies in my ability to effectively communicate the spirit behind the company in a relatable literary manner.



I have written all the content for the following websites:

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