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Are you thrilled at the idea of growing your own weed but

dont have the time to do it right?

Irie – marijuana master gardeners has got your back!


Recreational Use Marijuana was passed in April 2021.  As of July 1, 2021 every adult resident of New Mexico can grow 6 plants at his residence.

Are you excited about the possibilities, but you don’t have a green thumb?  Are you fascinated by the thought of having bud readily available, but you don’t have the time and energy to maximize the potential?



We are New Mexico’s premier marijuana grow consultants. We come to your place of residence and take care of your plants every step of the growth cycle.

 From seed to smoke, we are at your disposal every step of the way.  Marijuana Masters was founded by marijuana master gardeners.  With over 20 years of combined experience, our gardeners have successfully dealt with cannabis growing issues of every variety.  From spider mites to forest fires, our gardeners are able to analyse the situation, isolate the problem, and resolve the issue while minimizing the negative impact on your harvest.


Grow area – Do you have the perfect sunroom or greenhouse to begin cultivation?  Marijuana Masters knows how to launch your endeavor.

Watering: irrigation automation –  We build a custom irrigation system for your specific set up.  We recommend using a reservoir system to water your plants.  By installing a submersible pump and timer to your reservoir, we automate the watering process so you dont have to lift a finger.    

Supplemental lighting – depending on multiple factors like what time of year you begin growing or growing indoors will determine if supplemental lighting will be helpful to your crop.  Marijuana Masters removes the guesswork.  If we determine that your plants will benefit from supplemental lighting, we custom build your additional light system, making use of LED  lamps to minimize your carbon footprint.

Soil selection and fertilization – Initially your plants will begin their lifecycle in a vegetative state.  Marijuana vegetation requires specific light levels as well as nitrogen rich fertilizer to start your plants off to a healthy vigorous growth cycle.


From soil selection to fertilizer suplements, Irie provides exceptional knowledge and hands on supervision of your plants’ early life. Along with sexing the plants in your crop, removing any males from the grow area , we also trim your plants so that they stop a verticle growth spurt and begin to bush out, creating more opportunities for flowers .


As your plants transition from a growth phase into a mature flowering phase, the actual usuable plant material begins to form. Buds are essentially flowers from the female cannabis plant. As the hours of light in a day begin to shorten and your plants start to flower, adjustments in fertilization and watering amounts are altered so that each plant realizes its full flowering potential.


Irie firmly believes in paying close attention to details throughout the different life cycles of your plants so that any issues which may arise are dealt with immediately to prevent any potential negative impact on yiur harvest This close attrention can only be achieved by visiting your plants frequently and paying close atgtention to each plant in your grow area


“An amazing service. Irie came to my house and set my entire grow area up. Everything is automated. All I have to do is smoke.”

Joe and Matsuki

“The attention to detail is phenomenal. From beginning to end Irie had it covered. Great work.”

Benjamin Dover

“Germination. Vegitation. Sexing plants. Spidermite resolution. Flowering. Harvesting. Trimming. Curing. wwwwowwww!”

Bertha Vanashun

I used to have harvests that almost hit the mark, then I hired Irie and now every harvest surpasses all expectations.”

S.T. Oner