Within the past six years the cannabis industry has experienced tremendous growth due to recreational use marijuana being legalized in States like Colorado. If you are considering opening up a dispensary in New Mexico you will be dealing with considerable costs, planning, and execution as you move toward your grand opening.

An entire online culture has sprouted and grown around the cannabis industry, and with all of the various digital platforms available, the tech essentials required for opening a dispensary become confusing.

This guide will hopefully provide clarity as to what is essential and what is optional in terms of technology required to get your dispensary up and running.

First and foremost a reliable and easy to use point of sale system will be required.. Your POS should handle your sales, inventory, real time menu, and in store menu display. Although there are excellent general retail POS solutions, Alfalfa Grass recommends going with a POS designed specifically foir the cannabis industry.

Industry specific issues like real time menus and in store displays should be built in to your dispensary POS solution, provided you select a solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry. All POS platforms should also be compatible with METRC the legal government online compliance platform

Currently the top POS systems are indicaonline and cova. indicaonline is compatible with apple, pc, and android systems and cova is only compatible with pc and android systems. Other popular POS systems include biotech thc, mj frreeway, and greenbits.

In addition to a POS system, every dispensary should also have a website. Your website should include standard pages like home, about, contact and blog. Furthermore your site should feature a real time accurate menu page. If you will be operating multiple locations, you should have a specific menu for each location.

Adjusting to a COVID-19 safe business model

Both new as well as established dispensaries should adjust from a regular in store retail business model to a model that prioritizes curbside pickup and delivery over in-person sales. In doing such, the dispensary website should offer a full service e-commerce platform so that patients can select and pay for their medical marijuana online and pick up from the dispensary. Obviously by reducing perso to person contact, you are minimizing risk and doing your part to help crush the virus.

Options to help grow your business

If you have done any amount of cannabis industry research, you have more than likely encountered companies like weedmaps and leafly. Essentially these appear to be patient advocacy directories but are really for profit membership directories. If a user is on weedmaps or leafly and types a specific cannabis product he is looking for, the directory will pull up all of the different member prices and options in his local market.

The cost of membership varies from a low of $300 per month (basic weedmaps membership) to $6,000 per month (leafly VIP membership.)

Serious consideration for membership should be carefully reviewed because New Mexico is on track for recreational legalization, and federal legalization of marijuana is a priority of president elect Biden. Essentially with state and federal legaalization imminent, the industry is going to experience even more growth, and directories like leafly and weedmaps will drive traffic to your dispensary.

Having so much on your plate at one time creates an environment where certain items begin to fall through the cracks due to the sheer volume of work required for success. Alfalfa Grass is here to help. Do not invest a substantial savings to become operational only to have inferior tech solutions. Alfalfa Grass is ready to partner with local dispensaries to grow your business. We pay attention to the tech details for you. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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