Disinfecting from coronavirus: keeping your home and your family safe.


Before we can begin a discussion on how to safely disinfect your home from coronavirus, we must first clearly understand how the virus spreads.


In a vast majority of cases, the virus travels via tiny saliva droplets that originate in a super fine mist from the mouth of an infected individual.


 Transmission occurs in closed spaces, with extended contact with individual who is contagious. Social distancing masks and self quarantine are three strategies that if properly followed greatly reduce the risk of catching the virus.


Another way in which the virus can potentially be spread is through touch. Touching a contaminated surface then touching your mouth or rubbing your eyes is a possible way to catch the virus. Although there is no evidence that excludes this manner of contraction, there is currently very little evidence to substantiate it. Coronavirus is not currently believed to be widely spread through touch, more than likely its simply spread through saliva droplets.   Better safe than sorry the CDC provides recommendations on proper cleaning.  Disinfecting your home takes only a little effort and a few dollars.  


Remember to properly suit up


Wearing disposable gloves to clean and disinfect is appropriate for any actions 

involving chemicals, not to mention virus abatement.  Dressing out in  disposable gloves and a  mask if your scared, safety goggles or a face shield and your ready to disinfect.


The CDC next breaks it down into three interior surface groups, hard surfaces, soft pourous surfaces, and electronic equipment.


Bleach kills Coronavirus


A huge fan of clorox and bleach in general, that fact was really all i needed to know. For me a bleach spray works great for every surface imaginable. Spray everything down with a water bleach sanitation solution ( 3 teaspoons bleach to 1 gallon water) this dilute solution is strong enough to kill coronavirus on contact while not so strong it whitens colored fabrics, carpets, or clothes and probably costs about 25 cents to make.


For those of you less committed to bleach; oxyclean, lysol, comet, scrubbing bubbles and a  70% rubbing  alcohol / water solution also kills coronavirus. 


Cleaning tip: Clorox bleach disinfectant wipes are a great resource and can be used to wipe down hard surfaces in your home, vehicle and work environment, 


Remember after disinfecting to wash your hands immediately.


Hand sanitizer warrior


I recently listened to a podcast from a doctor in New York who broke it down real simple-like:  The touch factor for contracting coronavirus is real simple. You through the course of your day,touch a contaminated surface and now COVID19 is on your hands. 


Once its on your hands, your still cool and wont catch it if you wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer. Transmission of the virus occurs once its on your hands and you touch your mouth or rub your eyes.  How do you take protection into your own hands and control whether you contract Coronavirus?


Protection from the virus is 100% effective if you sanitize your hands after touching any surface outside your home. That seems like an OCD origin story gone wrong, but according to this New York doctor, his proactive regiment of hand sanitizing after touching anything would not only  protect himself and prevent passing it to his family but would also be absolutely 99.9% effective 


The more we experience COVID19 the more we learn


Hand sanitizer man would be an interesting experiment in thoroughness and heightened awareness, unfortunately that isn't how the virus is spread. 


Regardless,  its good to be clean and disinfected on any given normal day and its especially good to do so during a global pandemic just to have a purpose and feel your a force for goodness and health and wellness. 


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