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A smart investment in your family’s future, homeownership is both rewarding and empowering.

  Projects improving your quality of life as well as the overall value of your property grow more and more numerous with time.

Your roof needs a repair, or it’s time to update your master bathroom with a full remodel. 

Our extensive experience coupled with our superior craftsmanship make Handyman Paul Martinez Albuquerque’s go to partner for managing your home’s improvements.

Our Services:


Whether your looking to have a new wood deck built in your backyard or wanting to have crown moulding installed inside your home, Handyman Paul is available for all your carpentry improvements.  No need to spend a grip of money on carpentry tools or sacrifice your weekends for the next 3 months attempting  a project on your own, Paul has the necessary tools and time to get the work done.


Is it time to install security cameras to protect your property? Do you have furniture that needs to be built, or shelving to  set up for extra storage?  Whatever your particular needs, there’s no job too small for Handyman Paul Martinez.  Remember we are here to make life easier and to do it for you.


Whether your project is exterior or interior Paul is Albuquerque’s preferred specialist.  Smooth paint jobs are the result of proper planning, preparation, and execution.  After the scope of work and color palette have been thoroughly reviewed, it’s time to prep the areas that will be painted.  A thoroughly prepared project space allows the execution to shine.  clean edges and smooth even coats of paint give the final result a professional look, exceeding the homeowner’s expectations


Drive your car through your garage? Or do you want to tear down some walls to open up your floor plan? Our team has the expertise needed to hang drywall and skillfully apply joint compound to give your improved space a professional finished look.

Gutter Maintenance

Do your gutters need to be cleaned and flushed seasonally? Is it time for a complete overhaul of your soffits and fascia, requiring a whole new runoff system? Burque Handyman is experienced with gutter and downspout systems and would be happy to manage your upcoming project

Floor Treatments

The last 10 years have seen a wide array of flooring types trend for your home.  From tile installations to concrete treatments to installing new carpet,Handyman Paul Martinez outperforms the competition in bringing you the floor of your dreams.  We provide the following services concerning floors: tile installation and repair, vinyl flooring installation, hardwood restoration, concrete flooring treatments

Interior wall treatments

With so many cool effects available today, an interior wall treatment is just what you need to bring a fun vibe to your home. Note: think outside the box and give your ceiling or floor a funky makeover. Great for children’s rooms as well as man caves, contact Handyman Paul Martinez to see our selection of available treatments.

Fence Maintenance

A perimeter property fence is a must for those who enjoy privacy as well as an additional layer of protection against unwanted thieves. Burque Handyman is here to build from scratch your new privacy fence.  With the cost of materials skyrocketing, don’t throw away money on an inexperienced  team resulting in poor craftsmanship and money lost.  Spend wisely. Hire Burque Handyman for all your fencing, gate, and masonry needs 

Rental Property Maintenance

If you own rental properties you know that tenants tend to be rough on your investments.  Burque Handyman currently works with Homeowners of rental units to perform regular maintenance, emergency repairs and between tenant renovations, helping  homeowners have a successful run at managing their rental units.  

Home Remodels

Is your kitchen in need of an update? Does your master bath need an overhaul? Burque Handyman shines at providing homeowners with an affordable remodel solution.  Let us handle the demo, preparation and execution of your next remodel.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Our Work: a portfolio of recent projects

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What our clients have to say…

Thanks for saving the day!
I recently thought I  could DIY and build a backyard deck. After careful planning and gathering of project knowledge from a YouTube guru, I actually built my leg and foot into the frame . Trapped from my own poor abilities I was able to get Paul on the phon.  Paul was kind enough to break away from his assignment that day and come to my rescue by removing my leg from the deck’s structural frame.  He was also available later that week to build what I couldn’t. Thanks again Paul
Tiffany Maestas

Hassle free installation
Working as an emergency room nurse at a local hospital, i am consumed by my job due to COVID.  When I get home I don’t want to install shelves in my garage, and fortunately i don’t have to. Paul from Burque Handyman handled the whole project from unpacking the shelves to clean up.  I got home from work and walked into my garage. It was as if they magically appeared. Thanks Paul!
Tim Nathan
Registered Nurse
The Handyman Experts!
Paul and his team installed the cabinets in my new kitchen. I would never have achieved the perfectly spaced, mounted and finished cabinets that Paul handled in just a day’s work.  I was fortunate to have hired Handyman Paul Martinez and will use them again and again.
Yini Cheung
Chinese Lady
Great Job!
Great job. 
In my experience the best value for your buck is spent with Handyman Paul Martinez.
Jimbo Boprino

Beautiful Remodel!
We used Paul for our home remodel and were so pleased that we hired him this last summer to build our gazebo in the backyard. He did a phenomenal job. We eat dinner under the roof of our new gazebo every night in the summer.  great work!
Ben dover
Rental Property Must Haves
A real estate agent and owner of several rental properties, I use Paul and his team regularly.  I know that if I place Paul in charge of my rental renovations between tenants that I can relax and know my property is in good hands. I highly recommend Paul and his team to Albuquerque homeowners.
Seth Cawdell
RE Agent

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