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Our Mission:  to provide unique, innovative and functional websites for the cannabis industry that highlight patient care and the healing properties of cannabis. 

Founded by a team of  individuals who appreciate the medicinal properties of cannabis as well as the decriminalization of marijuana,  alfalfa grass is dedicated to providing the industry with websites that are educational, innovative and compliant with local medical marijauna laws.

The effectiveness of any website lies in its ability to draw in and engage its target audience in a positive way.

every business needs to generate revenue for survival. Our websites assist in accomplishing this financial goal in a manner that promotes trust by first and foremost reaching out to your clients in a way that demonstrates a genuine concern and desire to help.

With more and more individuals turning toward the natural healing properties of marijuana, the market, although local in nature, is becoming more competitive.  

Alfalfa grass firmly believes that a well written well designed website that is optimized for local SEO is a major asset in providing your business with the competitive advantage needed to be the standout industry expert in your local market.

Our collaborations with local cannabis dispensaries are successful at not only increasing revenue but are also successful at generating customer loyalty.  

At the end of the day regardless of the industry,  businesses that truly flourish are those that understand that building solid relationships with colleagues and clients is the key component to success.

We look forward to not only meeting your company’s needs but also exceeding your expectations.

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